Our vision is the empowerment of numerous people as well as bringing a change in the industry. 

We were told we were crazy. We're glad we didn't listen...

PESHWA was founded by two engineers having vast experience in the corporate world. First, we aim to be reliable. We don’t just aim to sell the latest trendy clothes, but we want to be known as a brand associated with high-quality and long-lasting articles of clothing as well. We also give high regard for creativity, so we always look out for the latest designs and trends. 

We are also particular with the manufacturing process behind the clothes we feature. As much as possible, we want to support manufacturers that employ eco-friendly and sustainable manufacturing processes. We want to be responsible stewards not just in the fashion industry but also in the entire world.

Our thoughts on Fashion...

Fashion is one of those concepts that tie the world together. It transcends borders and connects different communities regardless of race, gender, religion, or even location. Fashion is also one of the most powerful tools around to boost one’s right to self-expression. People can adhere to their fashion picks to show off their personality, thoughts, ideas, etc. They don’t even have to say anything to convey the idea across. It’s no wonder a lot of businesses are built around fashion. There are undoubtedly huge brands around, coughing up a lot of mass-produced articles, which sometimes make one think that it’s oversaturated.

What we provide?

PESHWA provides customers with a platform to pick clothes that are not only affordable but are also fresh. We believe that fashion is the only industry where, despite the huge competition, there’s still a lot of space for new ideas. As long as one has the requisite creativity and innovation, one can create a name for oneself in this industry. In a competitive industry such as fashion, we aim to make a mark by providing unique and high-quality products at reasonably competitive prices.

Customers Satisfaction... 

We put high importance on customer satisfaction. We are sensitive to our customer’s experience and strive to bring out its best version for them. We want our customer’s shopping experience to be the most hassle-free, seamless, and fun. 

We invite you to explore our products page and see what we have in store for you!