We believe , no one can tell our story better than us

All of us have stories, so do we

Our story begins from a modest but truly beautiful zone in Punjab, Pakistan. We recognize it as Sahiwal these days. Our elders used to call it Montgomery for a long time before it became Sahiwal again. Which is more preferable for me.

This is the City where I met with   Mr. Asim Bilal . I call him ‘’Tech Buddy’’.

During those lovely days of Engineering we always used to discuss ideas, future technologies and other social issues. Which brought us where we are today and where we are heading

There is another character in our story Mr. Muhammad Imran. We call him our Mentor. He is my brother by blood but a very dear and oldest friend by heart.

When you see the world from a different perspective you realize that the realities could be different than what we believe in, that turns the whole story and take it to a whole new level opening new horizons for you. Same thing happened with us whilst working in Dubai for a construction company.

Someone can call us old school but there is nothing which could fade away Pakistan from our heart. How could we forget about our people, our friends, our families and most importantly our beautiful motherland Pakistan. No matter where you go, Pakistan never leaves you. It always stays somewhere deep inside you and it keeps reminding you about your people and their problems.

This was the time when we decided to come back to Pakistan with a goal to empower our people and do something which could make a difference in our lives as well as those people who are directly or indirectly linked with us.

Peshwa was founded in Faisalabad with a vision to bring a change in fashion industry and break the stereotype by providing best quality fashion products with reasonable prices. This idea is rooted back to my childhood where I used to imagine myself doing some business related to textile industry.

Imagination is everything, it is the preview of life’s coming attractions
-Albert Einstein

Before going any further let me introduce myself. My name is Talha Kamran. I am honored to be at the driving seat of Peshwa where we have an amazing team of people. A team that consider themselves to be artists more than commercial manufacturers.

But behind this quest for beauty and aesthetic enjoyment, is a serious organization which is committed to its vision of empowering people and produce best quality fashion products.

At its own level Peshwa is highly reputed for its efforts and the excellence of its products is acknowledged by exclusive textile circles all across the country.

Now we are all set to spread our wings internationally and export our products on global level.